Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Youtube Partner Earnings Not Appearing in Adsense April 2013

Many Youtube partners were surprised on April fools day that they could still see clicks to their videos but a big $0 in the column.  Was this a cruel joke? Was Google keeping all of the Adsense for Content Host earnings?

Of course not, a change has been made so that from April 1 forward all Youtube earnings will be reported inside of Youtube and not in Adsense.  To find your current earnings in Youtube going forward, you will need to login to your Youtube analytics.  The payments are still reported in adsense as a lump sum payment at the end of the month.

In the past, there was still a part of Youtube earnings that appeared at the end of the month in a lump sum. Now the reporting is all being done within YT and no longer within Adsense.

So do not fear, your earnings are still near!

Hope this helps.

By the way, if you have not yet verified your Youtube account with a cell phone, you can do that to be sure you have complete control of your channel.

Then take a look at the new Youtube layout and design.  You will need to start with a very big graphic for your channel header (dimensions given) and then you can explore the other features and see samples of other sites that were early adopters of the new Youtube channel layout.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Local Business Promotion 2013

It is amazing how many so-called SEO companies are falling by the wayside since Google is getting more sophisticated with respect to identifying legitimate entities and individuals rather than online sock puppets and other irreputable business models.

It seems more and more companies are being penalized for all of the automated and spammy linking techniques that may have worked a few years ago, but can actually get a website penalized today.  The whole machine generated linking thing was always suspect, so we would at times wonder why we are manually creating good content and posting them up to single locations on the web while others were blasting thousands of duplicate copies using tools that would complete that distribution in a matter of seconds. 

Google sure has its hands full with the spammers, but is gaining the upper hand with new tweaks to the algorithm. Panda 2.0 and other iterations to the search ranking algorithm is giving more credence to reputable sites with social followings and legitimate business locations. 

As we have always done everything manually, it is  becoming easier to help local businesses rank in this manner and beat out competitors while not jeopardizing their hard won gains in organic search traffic. 

At the end of the day, Google does not want to look bad for serving up a given URL, so in the interest of having their search results be more reliable and relevant, they have to weed out all of the bad apples and try to surface legitimate local businesses.

Those Pesky Calls from Google?

I am sure many of you have recently received that automated message that announces: "Your Google Listing needs to be updated" or some such.  In this day and age, it is amazing that phone spam still works or is even still allowed for that matter as it is disruptive.  This automated message then goes on to connect you to some voicemail in the U.K. or connect you with a live operator in the Phillipines or India.  They are trying to get at your personal information and also sign you up for spammy services which will just cost you more time, frustration and money not to mention giving your credit card number out to operations like this.    Google does not phone businesses up in this manner and someone posing as Google will eventually get slapped by the FTC - although their jurisdiction to stop such culprits offshore is limited.

Don't fall prey to all of the so called online experts that have surfaced recently, but trust your local business marketing to a local company that is a real business and has been helping businesses in the GTA increase their leads and sales online.

Call Webmad for information on web design and increasing your visibility locally and get your business found online.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Online and Video Marketing for 2013

Online marketing continues to evolve day by day and minute by minute.  Some positive trends for 2013 include more mobile friendly websites and also video marketing.

Video marketing does not need to be complicated, but having videos in addition to images and text will help give those people who prefer visual cues over text a better way to engage with your brand.
Videos are easier to watch than to read alot of text for many people.

Youtube and other video sharing sites are showing increasing viewership, so it may be time to get your business on board.  Contact Webmad to see how we can help you produce videos and market them for your business or brand.