Friday, December 10, 2010

Holidays and Internet Shopping

Holiday Shoppers are Shopping on the Internet

No parking hassles or gas costs, no going to stores only to be told the toy or electronics you are looking for are sold out or not in stock, and best of all comparison shopping for the best price from the comfort of your laptop, computer or mobile device.

Yes mobile devices are also being used more and more to complete online sales transaction. Ecommerce stores are advised to include a mobile component to their online offerings to reach the widest possible audience. Although there are several hitches to a smooth user experience using an ecommerce store with a mobile app, the software and programming are getting better every day to make this more of a seamless experience.

Online retailers need to be more diligent about informing consumers of exact delivery times prior to the sale including up front delivery costs and any other potential costs so that consumers can gauge the true cost of an item. Once that is transparent, orders can easily flow as long as the merchant is a trusted merchant which can be verified by trust symbols on the vendors site.

Happy Holidays to All and a prosperous New Year 2011