Monday, May 30, 2011

SEO Oakville 2011

SEO report from Oakville Ontario Canada for June 2011

As the weather turns from freezing to muggy and hot overnight, the Oakville area managed to escape some of the severe storms that spawned tornados recently.

Another source of tornadic action online has been the recent Google Panda update.
Google is getting better and better at weeding out machine generated and useless content from quality content that will benefit readers.

Why does Google constantly tweak their algorithm? In order to remain the dominant force in search. Bing has made inroads recently at the expense of Google by taking away an additional sliver of the search engine pie, but Google still remains the leader. Google is leveraging many resources toward the coming explosion of smart phones and mobile technology,

The confluence of mobile and local search is all but a foregone conclusion as more and more consumers snap up Android phones, now the largest mobile operating system that is - you guessed it - owned by Google.

Oakville Ontario is home to over 170,000 residents and many businesses still believe that the only way to get attention for their brand or service is to put an ad in the newspaper.

Old school technology is being replaced by new ways of doing things whether we like it or not. See the current demise and closings of hundreds of Blockbuster Video stores across Ontario and Canada. All three Blockbuster locations including the store near Monastary Bakery and the one on Westoak Trails are closing their doors with a firesale of dvds. Online video, Netflix and other more reliable and cheaper sources along with pirated videos have made the video store a loosing business.

While the video stores go out of business, video views on Youtube (also owned by Google) are booming. With the new televisions that make it easy to combine facebook and youtube with tv viewing, Youtube in high def is now a feasable full-screen alternative to regular television programming or dvds.

What does all this have to do with SEO in Oakville for 2011. Everything! The message is that local businesses need to embrace the new forms of connecting with their audience through all of the internet channels where their customers may be. From facebook and twitter to Youtube, blogs and of course websites, businesses need to take their online presence more serious than ever.

Here is to getting more Oakville residents and visitors to find your business, service and product offerings in 2011 and beyond using the power of the internet.

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