Monday, September 27, 2010

To SEO or Not to SEO Toronto, That is the Question!

Do you SEO your website?

Let us take a closer look at what SEO means. Search Engine Optimization is but a small part of online promotion, but it is misunderstood by many including so called SEO experts, web designers and business owners.

Sometimes, such as with the autotrader websites and other cookie cutter, company built websites, the one for all approach usually leads to mediocre results. Some of these services are extremely expensive but they have a monopoly on their full range of advertising, so by forcing companies to commit to one part of the business, they bring results in another. Don't get me wrong, having something like this is better than not having anything at all, but we are talking about Optimization.

An optimized website has all of their on-page factors in order. Having looked over some of the cookie cutter service companies, their code is lacking when it comes to meeting the current standards as set forth by, and also the on-page code does not even validate. There are many factors that contribute to search engine rankings including page loading speed, errors, duplicate tags and content across pages and more.

Not using the best possible site structure and layout for your site already does not give you a maximum leg up when it comes to outranking the competition. Luckily for some, many competitors are asleep at the internet switch as well. But once they wake up, or as algorithms continue to change, a poorly optimized website will easily be outperformed by an optimized one.

So understanding the factors that go into search engine optimization first will help pinpoint those areas of a website that need further attention in order to make the off-page promotion factors more effective.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marketing Toronto

Marketing in Toronto Ontario Canada

Smart business owners of both small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area realize they need to fill the company coffers with more income by attracting new clients and maintaining existing clients.

Sure the 20-80 rule says to focus on the 20% of your clients that are bringing in 80%of your business. The problem with hiring freezes and limited employees is that there are only so many productive hours a day to achieve sales goals and other goals for the company.

The answer is that you need to be able to do ALL of it; maintain existing important clients and keep them happy plus constantly receive new business to maintain the growth track. Using up most of the companies resources to maintain business is not good enough as inevitably, things change over time and relying on the same business partners over time at the exclusion of new business will lead to a companies eventual demise.

Instead companies understand they need to constantly be receiving new clients into their sales funnel. The most efficient and economical sales funnel available today is using the power of the internet. Between email marketing and list building, social media presence and conversation monitoring, website marketing and promotion, organic and paid search options to attract new clients and a host of other online activities companies should be engaged in, it really pays to use the full time services of a company that specializes in online marketing and lead generation.

Jobs are available in the Toronto area online as well. Even Craigslist Toronto and other online classified sites have some postings that may be of interest.

Keep you company growing by increasing your activities online during the gold rush of online marketing opportunities.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Faster Google Search

Google Instant is the new feature just rolled out today that produces search queries in real time. It even tries to guess what you are searching for before you complete your query. The idea is to save the searcher time so they do not even need to hit the enter key.

Adwords advertisers get counted an imprint if the query stays on the page for more than 3 seconds. The new algorithm changes are intended to save a searcher about 5 seconds per search and allow for narrowing in on search terms instead of retyping them.

Only time will tell both the SEO-search engine optimization effects as well as the search habits of searchers, but with Facebook becoming more and more popular for businesses and also as an alternative advertising platform to Google Adwords, Google is not resting but continuously turning their knobs and dials to try to produce the next - best search experience.

Currently you have to be logged in to your Google account to experience Google Instant search. Then just start typing a search query and watch the suggestions fill up the search results page as you type.

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