Monday, February 21, 2011

Mobile Marketing Trends in Canada

Mobile marketing is the new online frontier. Google has committed to mobile ahead of desktop applications as the future of marketing. The mobile ad space is still cheap in relation to Adwords prices and the reach of the mobile advertiser is very targeted.

SMS marketing or text message marketing has become quite popular in Canada due to high open rates. Instead of a low open rate for emails, over 92% of text messages are opened.

The holy grail of marketing is to market to a customer where and when they need your product or service. With the new smart phones offering a wide variety of apps, an advertiser can geo-target advertising to a customer when they are in the vicinity of the offline store.

New services such as Foursquare in the States are offering check-in bonusses for loyal customers of a local business with the most loyal customer being promoted to online Mayor.

By combining a game element with local search and mobile marketing, targeted advertising just got a lot more interesting for primarily offline businesses.

Webmad Internet Marketing and Design builds mobile websites and connects offline businesses with online targeted traffic.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Facebook Changes Business Pages

The dust is flying at businesses as logging into their business fan page has become
anything but routine. Facebook is known for implementing fast and furious changes and a major "upgrade" has just occurred this February, 2011.

Many businesses are having trouble with some of the features; some are discovering some of their wall posts went missing, others accidentally converted a personal profile into a page and the confusion goes on.

We tried to parse through some of the changes and see if it was worth upgrading our account to. Unfortunately for all that don't like what has been done, you have no choice on March 1, 2011 when the changes will be rolled across all business pages.

Major changes include the elimination of tabs that were on the top of business pages. Now the navigation is being made profile style in the left margin with small icons that you cannot change. This minimizes the effect that the grand tabs had and many business owners don't like it.

Another change is that you now login and manage business pages differently. Now you have to login as your page from the dropdown menu being careful about who is posting (yourself or your page) and to what account if you manage multiple pages.

This is going to take some time to get used to and careful steps are necessary to avoid cross-posting.

One seemingly good change is that you now can get email alerts everytime someone posts to a page and the page can post on other pages (and profiles too if permissions are set correctly in that profile), but you have to watch whether you are commenting as a person or a page.

Photos are now the top thing seen as they have been moved prominently front and centre.

You can also feature admins of your pages or other pages that you like and mutual connections are shown when people visit your Page showing their social graph/friends who also like your page that both you and them liked your page.

What are you thoughts on the latest upgrade and any problems you are having with it? Your comments below appreciated.

One thing is for sure, we don't seem to have a choice in the matter come March 1.